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Want to get the most for your money on your next move? Spending a little time online comparing rates now could reap big savings come moving day.

Whether you are making a local move or looking for a long distance mover, the best way to get the best price is to compare moving rates from the most respected movers in the U.S.

That's where EasyMoving.com comes in... Simply enter your information and click to request free quotes from the nation's leading companies.

Make the Safe Move

We care about your safety. We only work with leading national movers that comply fully with all state and federal regulations, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reliable vendor for your move.

We care about your privacy, too. Most moving websites will take your personal information and send it to companies they choose, leaving you with unwanted emails and calls. At EasyMoving.com, you choose the moving company you want to work with, and your information remains safe and private.

Make the Smart Move

EasyMoving.com has a vast online library of moving tips, articles, and tools that will help make your move as easy as possible. From our moving basics checklist to information on moving services and products, our resource library has everything you need to move smart.

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Save time by letting us do the research.  Easymoving.com identifies the most trustworthy and reliable movers in your area, so you don?t have to spend hours and hours researching.

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About EasyMoving™

EasyMoving.com is an online moving services marketplace that has trusted partnerships with leading local and national moving companies.  We provide consumers with a free, easy, and secure way to shop intelligently for moving services online.

What makes us unique? With EasyMoving.com, you choose the leading national movers you want to work with to obtain a quote, so your information is safe and secure. Unlike virtually all other moving sites, your information is only sent to companies you want a quote from. Other sites sell your information to whoever will buy it, leading to dozens of unwanted calls and inquiries.

Oh, and Easymoving.com is absolutely free with no obligation.

EasyMoving.com also provides you with useful information to help you simplify the moving process, including:

  • Best Tips for Easy Moving
  • How to Save Money on Moving
  • Moving with Children
  • Moving with Pets
  • Easy Moving Checklist
  • Moving Terminology

Let EasyMoving.com help you make a smart, safe move. It'll be easy. We promise!

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